Fit And Fun Events This Summer!



Looking for fit & fun events to attend this summer? Check out–chicago/group-fitness/ for a list of group activities including yoga, zumba, races, and so much more!

Here are a few great tips to get you started:


1. Get in the habit

Don’t set yourself grand goals and then feel bad about yourself when you haven’t run a marathon by January 31. If you go for an all or nothing approach to getting fit, there’s a good chance that if you miss one fitness session you’ll think you’ve failed your resolution and won’t bother with the next one.

Instead, make tiny changes to your life that you can fit in easily and repeat on multiple times a week.

2. Track your progress

Studies have shown that tracking your workouts and sharing them on your social media news feed has a positive effect on your body.

3. Take some time out

Sometimes, we are so focused on physical health that it’s easy to overlook that squishy bit between your ears. Meditation apps can help you take some time out of the day to reflect and focus on your priorities and may also help with your sleep and concentration.

Also, did you know United Healthcare is currently reimbursing its members $20.00 per month just for working out at a qualifying health club at least 12 times within a month?  To see if your gym is on the list, visit and click on the “Visit Rally Health & Wellness” icon. From there you will be transferred to your Rally Dashboard (if you have not registered yet please feel free to do so,) where you will need to scroll down to the bottom of the page, select the “Employer Program” hyperlink under quick links which will transfer you to the rewards page. Lastly, under available activities “Go To Website” next to fitness reimbursement goals, search for your fitness center, and register!!!