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Finding Your Fit

TLC is all about Chicago, and more to the point, Chicago people. People who love living here, working here, playing here, raising families, building friendships, celebrating all that makes Chicago a city second to none.

That’s who we are and have been since we started in 1996, first focusing solely on vintage buildings in lakefront neighborhoods, more recently expanding to include amenity-rich apartment communities in select suburbs. We’ve grown to be one of the city’s largest owner/operators of rental residences, but not so big as to lose sight of what’s important to the people we serve.

That goes for our team members as well as our residents. We pride ourselves on knowing our staff members and how to help them grow. That’s why we have well-established training and development and mentorship programs for all our team members. We nurture careers as well as communities.

If that sounds like a good fit for your future, keep reading. You owe it to yourself to learn more about TLC and finding your fit on our team.

Corporate Values

At TLC, all of our work is guided by four core values. First is service, to our customers and each other. When issues arise, we do whatever it takes to resolve them – promptly, politely, completely. Next is empowerment of every individual in the organization, through mutual trust, confidence, and unwavering support. Third, communication that is honest, open and respectful, recognizing that an informed team is an effective one. And finally, community – a word that captures the essence of both who we are and what we provide. TLC is about building communities within the larger community and positively impacting the lives of all we serve.





Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

TLC is proud to be a founding member of the Chicagoland Apartment Association’s DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) initiative.

This initiative aims to make the Chicagoland real estate industry more inclusive of minorities, women, and LGBTQIA+ individuals at all levels of management and ownership. TLC is proud to be at the forefront of this endeavor, leading the path for diversity.

In 2020, TLC founder and CEO Stuart Handler endowed the new Real Estate Department at the UIC College of Business with the goal, in his own words, “to give people in Chicago’s neighborhoods the opportunity to understand and profit from the real estate in their community.” For decades, TLC has been dedicated to this mission. Today, the TLC team reflects the rich diversity of the neighborhoods and communities it serves, encompassing people of all ages, different racial and ethnic backgrounds, and varied gender and sexual orientations. This diversity is the result of a company culture that actively promotes inclusivity in its hiring practices, making TLC a more productive and enjoyable place to work – and a fantastic place to build a career.


Full-time team members can expect a challenging and rewarding career experience with competitive compensation, excellent growth potential, and a wide range of personal and professional benefits.

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•   Medical, dental & vision insurance
•   Short-term disability insurance
•   Accident insurance
•   Critical illness insurance
•   Voluntary & employer-paid life insurance
•   Employee assistance program
•   Employer-paid, long-term disability insurance

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•   Competitive compensation
•   Paid commissions
•   Quarterly and annual bonuses
•   Retirement program with generous employer match
•   Flexible spending account
•   Employee referral program
•   Quarterly wellness reimbursement

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•   10 paid holidays
•   Paid Vacation & PTO
•   Paid birthday & work anniversary days off
•   2 paid days for volunteer & community service
•   Paid maternity leave
•   Flexible dress code
•   Team-building company outings

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•   Ongoing training and development classes & courses
•   Team member recognition programs & engagement initiatives
•   Mentor program
•   Opportunities for advancement
•   “Lunch and learn” program
•   Dedicated weekly education hour


TLC is constantly seeking talented, dedicated individuals to join us in every area of our operations. Specific opportunities are listed here; if you don’t see the perfect fit for you, keep checking back until you do.

Success Stories

Come for a job, stay for a career – that’s been the story for dozens of team members in every part of our organization. Here’s a sampling of TLC success stories we’re proud to share.

Coming Full Circle

Katya Bonilla, Assistant Manager
I’ve always enjoyed being a problem solver and a helper, and in my current role as an Assistant Property Manager, I get to do just that. Having spent my childhood growing up in a TLC community, I’ve always had an understanding of the company’s values and commitment to excellence. And that commitment is applied to residents and employees alike. Support is always available here, in a variety of ways - hands-on training, consistent check-ins, quick responsiveness, and clear direction. Knowing I have so many resources available gives me self-assurance that TLC takes as much stock in my own growth and success as I do in the ongoing success of the company.

Learning, Growth, Success

Ed Contreras, Service Manager
At TLC, there’s always an opportunity to learn, and to grow. I have a background in construction, so when I saw an open position as a maintenance technician with TLC six years ago, I thought it would be a good fit. I was immediately taken aback by the team-oriented culture, and really benefited from an environment that encouraged learning new things. I’ve always felt like a valued member of the team, and that’s evidenced by the company’s willingness to help when I’ve encountered challenges. I’m proud to say that I’ve since been promoted to Service Manager, and am grateful for the deep commitment TLC has towards its team members.

Supportive at Every Step

Susan Fortson, Property Manager
As a property manager, I’ve always strived to have happy residents and a happy team. I believe it’s important to have an engaged team that enjoys coming to work every day - and TLC Management shares that sentiment. TLC has always encouraged collaboration and camaraderie amongst team members. The company is extremely supportive of its employees - management is inviting, helpful, and communicative, and there’s an open-door policy if you’re having an issue. That support is also apparent in the company’s emphasis on work-life balance - management is adamant about not working during your off-time, which is very refreshing in this industry. The culture here is very open, genuine, and authentic.

Owning the Process

Shawn Mintz, Property Manager
As a twenty-five year veteran in property management, I’ve worked under a variety of management styles. Some companies micro-manage their associates, while other companies empower their employees to make independent decisions. TLC Management definitely falls under the second category. They give property managers ownership of the property, which allows me to use my expertise to solve issues. They really acknowledge and respect my depth of experience in this field. TLC provides an inclusive and supportive work environment that allows its employees to perform comfortably, all while maintaining a high degree of accountability. They do an excellent job of supporting the employees through ongoing training and encouraging open lines of communication with management.

Doing Right by the Residents

Daarina Cyprian, Property Manager
Over the course of my career in real estate, I’ve worked in a variety of roles - from leasing agent to leasing manager, and client relations specialist. In every role, I’ve found that my favorite aspect of this industry is helping people find a home. When I came to TLC, I immediately sensed that passion, and knew I was working with like-minded individuals who genuinely care about the residents and their well-being. TLC stands for ‘tender love and care’, and that sentiment is reflected in the way the company treats both its residents and its employees. Since I started here, I’ve felt nothing but support - from employee development, great work-life balance, and a team-first culture.

The Best Version of Myself

Mike Wallace, Service Manager
I’ve been a maintenance supervisor for twenty-plus years, and I’ve always thought the key to doing the job successfully is being enthusiastic and maintaining a positive attitude. In the six years I’ve worked for TLC, they’ve fostered an environment that’s conducive to enthusiasm and positivity. It’s a big component of the company’s core values. I go home every day after work feeling good about myself because I know I’ve contributed to an excellent, high-quality product. Providing someone with a comfortable home that I helped create is very fulfilling, and I appreciate that TLC is supportive of my desire to provide nothing short of excellent service.

From Novice to Veteran

Tom Kaiser, Assistant Manager
Prior to TLC, I had no previous property management work experience. I’d spent some time in a sales role but didn’t feel it was the right fit. When I found an ad for a leasing position, I decided to apply and was eventually offered the job. I was immediately impressed by the opportunities for growth, and the different paths available to get there. TLC emphasizes career development, and does a tremendous job of helping its employees find the role that’s best for them, something I value as a young professional. I started my career off in an entirely different industry, and through TLC’s mentorship and encouragement, I’ve been promoted, I’ve grown professionally, and I have confidence in my ability to do my job well.

Collaboration & Guidance

Liz Camarillo, Property Manager
I appreciate the collaborative nature at TLC. In the past I’ve managed properties that were owned and operated by different companies, and each party took a different approach to resolving issues. At TLC, all the properties are company-owned and -managed and I like the consistency and continuity that it offers. Having a network of people across multiple properties and at the corporate level is an invaluable resource. This collaborative process empowers the on-site team to make informed decisions in a timely and efficient manner. And if there’s ever a situation that requires further guidance, TLC encourages team members to utilize the company’s internal support network.

TLC in Action

Working with TLC means being part of something larger than yourself – a community of people who celebrate each other as well as the people they serve. Here we’re thrilled to share some snapshots of our team members in action. Enjoy!

Fun Fridays

Priority one is getting the job done - but who says you can’t have a bit of fun? The first Friday of every month means Ugly sweaters, funny t-shirts, and more!


CAMME Awards

TLC is regularly recognized as a top property management company at the prestigious Chicagoland Apartment Marketing and Management Excellence Awards.



We encourage our team members to give back to our community and provide regular opportunities to do so with Feed My Starving Children, Park Cleanups, and more.


Holiday Luncheon

It’s important to take a step back and be grateful during the Holiday season, and we celebrate together during our Annual Holiday Luncheon.


Training & Development

We love to see our employees grow and sharpen their skills through monthly and quarterly training & career development sessions.


Employee Appreciation

Whether it’s a birthday cake, lunch on the company, or an ice cream social, we understand that doing the little things can make a big difference.


Resident Events

Our property management teams are always collaborating to come up with fun and creative ways to keep residents engaged and active in their communities.


Team Awards

We recognize our team’s hard work and celebrate their success through quarterly awards that highlight and honor high achievements.